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Sociedade Vinícola de Palmela

Established in 1964, Sociedade Vinícola de Palmela (SVP) is one of the oldest and most prestigious wineries in the Setúbal peninsula, an area dedicated to the production of wines of excellence.

Using local grape varieties like Castelão and Moscatel de Setúbal, as well as prestigious domestic and international varietals, SVP produces a vast range of white, rosé, red and fortified wines, most of which come from the 400 hectares of vines owned by SVP in both the limestone soils of the Arrábida mountain and the sandy soils further inland in Palmela.

All of them combine an irrevocable quality complemented by a clear identification with the local terroir, all of which make the SVP wines popular with wine lovers and highly praised by the wine media around the world.






Our history

Located in the small town of Palmela, SVP was established in 1964 by a group of local vine growers with the aim to bottle and market their wines. The following years saw moderate growth until the beginning of the 1990s when the Cardoso family, one of the largest vine growers in the area, joined the company. In 2019 SVP underwent the biggest change since its inception when the majority of the share capital was purchased by the entrepreneur Vaso Guerreiro, the current CEO.

His experience in the wine business was a crucial factor for the repositioning of SVP brands and the modernisation of the business in all its components, making SVP a more professional and ambitious wine company.
With the available vine area and the commitment of its human resources, SVP has established itself as a producer of excellence in the Setúbal peninsula and a beacon for the Castelão and Moscatel de Setúbal grape varieties.

The Team

A business is made of people SVP thrives through its young, dynamic and professional team, leading the company in the pursuit of excellence.


Vasco Guerreiro

Vasco has been a major shareholder of SVP since 2021. He brings considerable experience as a manager in the retail and the wine business in general. Rebranding SVP and its entire wine portfolio was his prime target which has been successfully achieved. His long term, overall objective is very clear: to place SVP in both the Portuguese and export markets as an icon of the Setúbal peninsula terroirand its white, rosé, red and fortified wines.

General Manager and Oenologist

Filipe Cardoso

Born in 1974 Filipe Cardoso, also a shareholder of SVP, comes from one of the oldest local families involved in vine growing. A graduate in Agriculture, he broadened his experience with further wine studies at the University of Montpellier. He has wide experience as resident or consultant oenologist in various projects in the Setúbal Peninsula, with in-depth knowledge of the region’s vineyards and wines. After acting as a consulting wine expert for other local ventures, Filipe took the position of SVP’s senior wine maker in 1999.

Managing Director

Luís Simões

Born in 1977 Luís Simões has been in the wine business all his life as his family have been vine growers for over a century. Graduated in Enology and Viticulture, Luís is also a successful entrepreneur. He is SVP’s Managing Director, overviewing production, selling and marketing.


Production Manager

José Caninhas

Graduated in Food Engineering, José has focused his professional expertise in two fields: management and winegrowing economics. He took over the position of Production Manager of SVP in 2014. In 2015, together with his friends Filipe Cardoso and Luís Simões he created the “Trois Project” whose purpose is the production of local wines in small volumes. Marketed by SVP.


A world-wide brand.

Angola, China, Denmark, and Luxembourg are the key markets for SVP and its portfolio. The company’s rebranding and price positioning is now being extended to other export markets.


Over 100 prizes have been awarded to SVP in both domestic and foreign competitions; they are a clear indication of the company’s potential to sell its wines all over the world.